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  Welcome to the buy Cheap Tires Plus Custom Wheels For Sale site. Save 60% or more on passenger car, auto, mini-van, light truck, 4x4 pickup, and SUV low cost tires for sale.

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Solar 4XS
Westlake RP18
Lionhart LH
Ohtsu FP AS
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Car SUV Firestone Dealer Free Shipping For Sale Buy Michelin

  Short story; What I hated most about shopping for new rubber for my car is getting ripped off by the local dealer. Sure, I am more than willing to pay for balancing, mounting, and valve stem at a fair price. Charging $29 per tire is a total scam. I am sure this is where they make their money. Sometimes the dealer will have a very low advertized price to get you in the door. Then they will slam you on the services. If you want a real deal you will visit Tirerack or Tirebuyer and see what their network of dealer installers charge. These will be the local guys to go to. To spend $60 to get 4 discount SUV car tires mounted and balanced is reasonable, and $40 is even better. When in doubt, check out the muffler shops. New Hankook LT245/75R17 Dunlop sale New Bridgestone LT245/75R16 Kelly LT255/65R17 Uniroyal alloy rim for sale Michelin Bridgestone sale . For commercial truck, ATV, RV, motorcycle, boat trailer, and more. Winter P215/55R17 Firestone snow Milestar General studded winter new Nokian sale Cooper Snow Ice Continental V-Rated BF Goodrich free shipping P265/70R17 Winter Nokian inexpensive car tires including Toyo snow and ice tread with studs.

Popular Passenger Car Tire Sizes: P-205/55R16 General size P-215/60R16 195/65R15 size P-205/65R16 Michelin 225/60R16 size 225/65R17 car 215/55R17 all season sizes P-235/75R15 Goodyear 225/50R17 Ohtsu size P-265/70R17 Firestone 195/60R15 Milestar all season 275/65R18 auto low profile high performance BF Goodrich P-275/60R20 Lionhart all season 235/55R17 car size 215/65R15 P-205/60R16 New P205/65R15 Westlake all season tread 195/70R15 size P-215/70R15 car 235/70R16

Vehicle Fitment: Chevy 1500 Silverado pickup Colorado Diesel 255/65R17 Tahoe Chevrolet Malibu Impala GMC 2500 3500 pickup Dodge Ram 1500 Van Charger low profile high performance H V W Y speed rating. Ford F150 F250 F350 Mustang Taurus sizes Focus Ford Escape Explorer Jeep Wrangler Grand Cherokee Compass Toyota Camry Corolla Toyota Rav-4 4Runner Sienna Mini-van front Tacoma Tundra pickup Honda Accord Civic rear Honda Ridgeline pickup Passport CR-V VW Jetta Passat sizes to fit VW Beetle Golf Nissan Altima set of 4 price Maxima Sentra Nissan Titan Frontier Audi Subaru Volvo Mercedes Benz van BMW Saturn wagon Buick Oldsmobile sizes to fit Cadillac Lincoln set of 4 price Mercury Chrysler mini-van Lexus Infinity Acura and Mazda.

One fo the best affordable car tires is the General brand. The reason is that Continental bought out General years ago. Continental is premium stuff selected as OEM for BMW and Mercedes. The General Altimax RT43 is no doubt the best all-season tread on the market. For winter and snow driving, the General Altimax Arctic grips well and last almost as long as the all-season tread patterns. My favorite made in China cheapie is the Kenda KR17. The Kenda KR17 wears and grips as well as good Japanese brands such as Yokohama and Toyo. For a Taiwan Chinese brand, the Kenda is impressive with a 50,000 mile warranty. Also fitment for ATV forklift golf car lawn-mower motorcycle bicycle skid steer loader RV camper boat trailer and semi commercial truck.

Popular Pickup and SUV Low Cost Tires Size: AT LT-245/75R16 all terrain tread pattern General LT-265/70R17 Michelin LT-265/75R16 Ohtsu size LT-225/75R16 HT Westlake new LT-235/85R16 light truck front LT-245/75R17 new LT-285/70R17 Firestone pickup LT-275/70R18 all terrain sale LT-285/75R16 AT set of 4 price Lionhart new 31x10.50R-15 for sale LT-265/70R18 light truck free shipping Goodyear LT-255/75R17 new HT LT-265/60R20 all terrain light truck AT BF Goodrich LT 235/80R17 front
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